Hi, I'm Geneviève

From a young age I have been fascinated with the art of classical drawing and painting. Every time I visit a museum I am amazed by the works of the old masters and I admire their talent, knowledge and skills.

Unfortunately, I noticed that these traditional ways are no longer as widely appreciated as before and it seems they are slowly disappearing. It seems to be increasingly overpowered by contemporary modern art. Even at the art academy, where I graduated as a visual arts and design teacher, attention is rarely or not at all paid to the classical style and knowledge. That has strengthened my confirmation and willpower to focus on the classical style even more. The classical way must not be forgotten or lost.


The subjects of my drawings vary between landscapes, portraits and floral still lifes and are drawn to observation. I attach great importance to the ability to draw on observation; translate a three-dimensional (real life) object into a two-dimensional plane while still aiming for a three-dimensional effect.




Still Life




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